Selling A Caravan?

If you are thinking of selling a caravan or motorhome, just give us a call.  Our experienced buyers will be upfront and clear at every stage, so you can be sure you are getting a fair price. No commission costs, no hassle!

What Information Shall I Include in My Enquiry?

As much as possible, so that we can give you a fair and precise quote. Build year, make, model, any optional extras or additions you have added and any faults or issues should be listed. If you can’t remember it all, don’t worry, we can establish that at stage 2. Also, if you have an idea of what price you are looking for, let us know.

My Caravan/Motorhome Has a Number of Faults, Will You Still Buy It?

Yes! As well as mint condition models, we also sell caravans that need a lot of TLC. Please make us aware of all known faults, and we will take this in consideration in your initial quote so it is as accurate as possible.

How Will I Be Paid for My Caravan?

We can pay by cash, BACS transfer, cheque or debit card. It’s up to you! Payments are upfront and in full.